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Family Law Mediation

Mediation is a private and confidential way to resolve your family law issues.  It is a simple and inexpensive dispute resolution method that empowers the parties to find solutions that work.


Mediations are cost effective and the parties have control over their own agreements.  The parties typically share the cost of a mediation, and mediation is one of the most inexpensive ways to resolve matters when compared to the costs of litigation.


As the mediator, Karen Tse acts as a conduit and facilitates respectful discussions between the parties.  She never takes sides and does not judge. 


A family mediation can cover all family law matters, including parenting time, guardianship, division of assets and debts, child support and spousal support.


At the end of a mediation, the parties may reach a binding agreement that can be filed with the court.  Karen can also be retained to prepare a separation agreement or consent order. Karen works in our offices in Fernie and Sparwood.


Our accredited family law mediator:

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